Not your average printshop.

Since 2016, we’ve printed exclusively with water-based inks. Our high-and-dry Colorado climate has presented some challenges, but we’re convinced the juice is worth the squeeze. Water-based inks produce softer, smoother, and more breathable prints. When used properly, HSA water-based inks have a lower environmental impact than conventional plastisol and our inks are 100% PVC and phthalate free. We’d love to show you the water-based difference. Click here to learn more about water-based inks.

Bandanas are our specialty

We print full size, 22” X 22” bandanas using exclusively water-based inks for bright, soft, and breathable prints. With 13 bandana colors in stock and the ability to print up to 3 colors, we’ll bring your wildest bandana dreams to life. Minimums for bandanas start at just 50 pieces. Scroll down to see some of our best bandana work, pricing, and bandana colors.

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